Copper Harbor Lighthouse

Copper Harbor Lighthouse

Friday, October 16, 2015

Sneak Peek Friday - Presto!

Another peek into the laundry room:

I enjoy decorating with things that have a story behind them. They make good conversation starters or "talk pieces" as Steve calls them. Maybe they're found objects like the watering cans I have on top of the armoire in the great room. I found them in our barn in Saginaw. Maybe they're family history pieces like my great-great grandmother's tall stand. Maybe they're objects we've collected like all the copper pieces we have. Or maybe they're gifts like the pieces(s) I'm telling you about today.

Steve's cousin, Patty, and her husband, Jimmy, were in Eagle River this summer, and we were able to enjoy a short visit with them the night before they went back to Florida. As we were leaving Eagle River to bring them back here to show them the house, Jimmy gave us a package of vintage bottle stoppers. Steve and I do enjoy a good Stewart's soda out of a glass bottle nowadays, but we remember the days when we used to drink most of our pop out of glass bottles. When I was growing up, I was sometimes allowed to split a 16 oz. RC Cola (Royal Crown) with my 2 brothers with a snack before going to bed. Canned pop was a treat reserved for sack lunches when on school field trips.

Anyway, I thought the bottle stoppers were pretty cool and decided to frame them. I put the envelope in one frame and the cardboard display piece that actually holds the bottle stoppers in another frame. They're now hanging in the laundry room between the closet and the window. Like I said. . . things with a story.

Stays Put - Pressure Proof.

Presto On! Presto Off! 

Has many home uses? I think all of them involve stopping some type of bottle.

Colorful graphics.

Hard to photograph with windows in front of me and behind me - but you get the idea.

They're impossible to miss if you enter and/or leave our house through the garage door. Now, you'll know the story.

All is well in the Keweenaw.

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