Copper Harbor Lighthouse

Copper Harbor Lighthouse

Saturday, February 13, 2016

What a Drip! (Part 6)

Polar Vortex! Wow, it's cold outside! As I type these words at 9:00 on Friday evening, AccuWeather tells me it's 2° in Mohawk. If you factor in the wind chill, it feels like -28°. Since Lake Superior is not completely frozen, that frigid air is kicking up a good lake effect snow event, too. Here's a photo I snapped on Thursday during a brief period of sunshine - just as the dark gray lake effect snow clouds were beginning to wash over us.

OK, back to business. It has now been 2 weeks since the beginning of the big drip. The insulation crew put in a full day yesterday and worked hard to complete all the spraying! Hurray! One of the guys even took one on the chin for us. When he was spraying above the ceiling in Guest Room 2, a fitting came loose on the hose and foam began shooting everywhere. Even though he immediately shut down the system, the foam that was already in the 200 feet of tubing between the truck and the end of the hose continued to flow. He curled up into a fetal position and tried to contain everything in his lap. He was actually pretty successful at containing most of it, but he was completely drenched in foam and his clothes were ruined. He had an extra shirt, and Steve gave him some sweatpants and socks - telling him to keep them as souvenirs from the Hamilton job. 

Things weren't dry enough to take down plastic or put any of our boards back up, so the house looks similar to the way it looked all week - still livin' in a bubble. I snapped this photo from the stair landing looking up to the loft.

In the loft - looking toward Guest Room 2:

In the loft - looking toward Guest Room 1:

In the loft - looking up. Do you see that round blue electrical box near the center top?

Maybe this arrow will help.

That's the exact center of the loft - the center of the house - where all the ceiling angles converge - where our antique angle lamp will hang.

Next, a shot from the loft - looking at the great room ceiling. It kind of resembles a circus tent - but without that daring young man on the flying trapeze! (You all remember that old song, right?)

From the loft - looking down at the floor in the great room. Can you believe I'm actually living with this mess? Pat, pat. That was me patting myself on the back for not losing my sanity.

One more shot of a bubble-ized ceiling fan:

And, another shot of this lovely scaffolding:

See, it really is sort of circus tent-ish. 

No tigers or elephants, though. I don't like pets in the house!

The crew will be back on Monday to start putting our ceilings back together. Humpty Dumpty time? We'll see!

All is well (with our souls) in the Keweenaw.

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