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Copper Harbor Lighthouse

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Heart Captured

If you've ever heard Steve tell the story of having his first son. . . and then his second son. . . you heard how thrilled and excited he was to be the father of sons. That didn't diminish the love he had for his daughter in any way, as he didn't love his sons more than he loved his daughter. It was just special for him - as a man - to have a boy. 

When he heard he was going to be a grandpa again, he was happy. When he heard the baby was going to be a boy, he was thrilled. However, I think he was especially excited that his son was also going to be blessed with the experience of having a son.

During our last trip to Saginaw at the beginning of May, the highlight was having the opportunity to meet that new grandson, Maxwell Zachary Hamilton.

Grandpa looked completely comfortable holding the little guy.

Max was comfortable, too. He even snoozed a bit and held Grandpa's finger.

That was Steve's sister, Chris, in the background.

OK, my turn!

What a scrumptious little boy!

Perhaps the best moment of the day happened at the restaurant a little later. After eating, we were getting ready to say our goodbyes to Steven & Beth. Little Max was waiting politely on a bench in his car seat, and Steve leaned over and spoke a little "Yooper Talk" to him. Max's face lit up and he gave his grandpa the biggest grin ever! It was absolutely priceless! Steve said that was when Max really "captured his heart."

Yep, heart captured!

All is well in the Keweenaw.

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  1. How special!! You will have many times of joy with that little guy!! HE is so cute and I love his name. Congratulations grandma and grandpa!


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