Copper Harbor Lighthouse

Copper Harbor Lighthouse

Friday, May 20, 2016

Sneak Peek Friday - Powder Room

We've had a busy week, and our birds have been just as busy. In fact, they've been very active and quarrelsome at the bird feeder. Steve decided to help them get along better by putting out 2 more feeders this afternoon. So far, those new feeders have been claimed by the purple finches, goldfinches and chickadees. We saw a report of a hummingbird spotted down in the Lake Linden area, so we thought we would also set out a feeder for them. We picked up 2 more smaller feeders last month, so I used one of those. I only filled it halfway as a test to see if we could attract any hummers in the next few days. Then. . . Bam! This little dude showed up.

Not my best shot, but I wasn't expecting him so soon. We'll wait until we see more action at this feeder before we put out more. We're fully armed with a total of 4 feeders now, so we're hoping our place will be a hummingbird haven again this year.

Now, on to our sneak peek. We're in the main floor powder room (1/2 bath) today. Since we haven't been in here lately, I'll give you some up close and personal peeks at some of the details. We'll start out with wall decor.

Look at the detail on the frame of the mirror over the sink. You can tell it's not a mass-produced item. Nope, it's old and handmade. 

Of course, the fact that it's handmade also made it challenging to hang. The peak at the top of the mirror isn't exactly centered which means the peak isn't exactly centered under the light fixture either. I think we can refer to that as perfectly imperfect. 

Here's our Pfister pump-style faucet in rustic bronze. . .

and our vanity light by Kichler.

The powder room has another vanity made by Steve out of our old barn wood. Since no one is taking a bath in this room, I just wanted a simple 2-door vanity to hold extra hand towels and T.P. We couldn't find the hinges we wanted in the finish we wanted, so we purchased some simple metal hinges and spray painted them with Rust-Oleum in hammered black.

We had some bronze knobs left over from the kitchen cabinets, so we painted those in hammered black, too. All that painting of cabinet hardware was done to match this little butterfly wing nut we found at True Value Hardware in Houghton - to hold the 2 doors closed.

I just love the texture of this old wood.

No more peeking today. I'll be back on Monday with the full reveal of the powder room.

All is well in the Keweenaw.

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