Copper Harbor Lighthouse

Copper Harbor Lighthouse

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Powder Room - Full Reveal

Here we go. I'm back with the full reveal of the main floor powder room. If you enter our house through the front door, this 1/2 bath is off the foyer through a pocket door. (Installing the latch on the pocket door is still on Mr. Cut Off's to-do list.)

When you enter this room, the vanity is on your right and the throne is on your left.

Remember how I told you on Friday that the handmade mirror couldn't be perfectly centered under the vanity light because the peak of the mirror's frame wasn't perfectly centered? You can see what I meant in the next photo.

I doubt most visitors to our home would ever notice (if I hadn't just pointed it out).

When you're standing at the vanity, the throne is directly in back of you.

Now for the wall decor above the throne.

That metal deer sign is hanging over the old ceiling tile we purchased at a rummage sale in Mohawk back in 2012.

We chose a simple white vanity sink top from Menards.

Again, Mr. Cut Off made this vanity from the old barn wood we brought with us from our place in Saginaw. I wanted a simple 2-door vanity for the powder room - just a place to store extra hand towels and t.p. 

This butterfly wing nut was the inspiration for the hammered black hinges and knobs. We don't really need the butterfly to hold the vanity doors closed, but we like the little detail it adds.

You can see all the hardware in this shot. . .

and the next photo shows you more of the floor that is carried through from the foyer.

There you have it - the main floor powder room. Very simple. Not fussy. 

All is well in the Keweenaw.

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