Copper Harbor Lighthouse

Copper Harbor Lighthouse

Monday, May 16, 2016

Guest Bath - Full Reveal

We're back upstairs today for the full reveal of the guest bath. I picked up this small metal chalkboard at Hobby Lobby in Saginaw last month. I still need to buy a chalk marker, rewrite "BATH" and hang it above the door to the bathroom. It's hanging on the shower door for now.

Here's a look into the room from the loft.

A few steps closer.

We actually had enough square footage for a tub in this room, but most guests prefer to shower. A shower is also much easier for me to clean than a shower/tub combo, and I liked the idea of having a spacious bath for our guests. Even though this is a corner shower, it's a large one, so no one should hit their elbows on the glass when shampooing.

Here's the sink. 

This cabin picture was originally in the powder room, but I like it here better.

There's a metal sign above the throne.

We eventually plan to replace the mirror above the sink with a taller one that Steve will frame in more of our barn wood. I would also like him to build a small bench for this room to give guests another place to sit or to use as a surface for a small suitcase. Those are projects way, way down on the list.

You can see the robe hook on the wall in that last shot, and here are some better shots of the vanity. 

I designed all 3 of our vanities to go all the way to the floor. I know it's all the rage to have vanities with feet nowadays, but I'm a practical girl. Bathrooms attract dust bunnies. I have no desire to get down on my elbows and knees - with my face planted next to the floor - to clean a small gap between a vanity and floor now - and I seriously doubt I'll want to do it when I'm 70. This guest bath vanity has 4 cubbies and 4 galvanized bins. I simply have to pull those out and wipe everything down - not nearly so hard on the old back.

Of course, my need for organization made me label the bins - hand towels, bath towels, washcloths and misc. Wait! I did it to help our guests know where things are located. Yeah, that's right.

I may paint the insides of the cubbies one day - haven't decided yet.

I just realized that none of these photos showed the light fixture above the mirror. 

Pause. Run up the stairs with the camera. Snap a couple photos. Run back down the stairs. Edit and watermark the photos. Upload the photos to the blog. Whew!

It's bronze with 3 lights - very simple - matches the faucets, towel ring, etc.

That's it for the upstairs guest bath. If you ever spend the night with us, you'll be using this room.

All is well in the Keweenaw.

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