Copper Harbor Lighthouse

Copper Harbor Lighthouse

Friday, March 4, 2016

Sneak Peek Friday - Guest Room 1

I wish you could have heard Steve when he put the last piece of trim up in Guest Room 1. He sure was excited! OK, in full disclosure, he's not finished finished. He still has to install the registers, put the glass globe on the ceiling light, clean up the tools and other construction items and remove the tarps that are covering the carpeting on the floor. Oh, and that blue tarp on the door can't stay forever either. He has to hang the door and put the trim around that. 

Then, we can move in some furniture! By the way, you may have noticed the tarp on the floor of the loft. You can see a bit of it through the doorway in that last shot. The scaffolding that was in Guest Room 1 for the last 2 months is now in the center of the loft. Steve has a good reason for moving it there, but I'll share that with you next week. 

I snapped some photos of the window trim in Guest Room 1, but it didn't show up well in daylight. 

I ventured up there again last evening to get some better shots.

It feels really good to be in the home stretch on this room. 

No more peeking today.

One more note, though. You know the shot of the snow on our mailbox I showed you on Wednesday (Spring Cleaning)? I took that photo in mid-February. I should have pointed out that the snow on top of it would have been twice that high if the truck that delivered the new trusses for our barn hadn't hit it in mid-January. When the truck was leaving our driveway that day, the driver clipped it and broke the post - sending the mailbox to the ground. We don't think he even realized he did it. No problem. Steve fixed it. 

All is well in the Keweenaw.

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