Copper Harbor Lighthouse

Copper Harbor Lighthouse

Friday, March 11, 2016

Sneak Peek Friday - Centerpiece(s)

I decided to give you a peek at 2 items today, as they're near one another in the loft. If you remember from last Friday, our small scaffolding had finally been moved out of Guest Room 1 and was sitting on a tarp in the center of the loft. Steve was going to hang our antique light fixture, but I suggested that he hang something else first. This!
Mr. Buck 2 needed to be on the wall before I could determine the proper length of chain required on the light fixture.

Steve's face lit up when he realized it was finally time to get this second fella on the wall.

This Saginaw buck isn't Steve's biggest mount, but he fits perfectly in that space, and he's looking straight out the trapezoids.

Now, Steve could hang the antique double angle lamp.

This is the fixture that was hanging in his Saginaw farmhouse when he bought it. It was originally an oil lamp but had been wired for electricity somewhere along the way. 

Soon after purchasing the farmhouse, one of the white chimneys was broken. Steve packed away the other 3 glass pieces and hung the center of the fixture from a beam near the fireplace. It stayed there for years. You can see it in this photo of Steven & Beth from Christmas of 2009.

It was my dream to hang this light from the center of the loft. Shortly before moving to the U.P., I found a matching white chimney to replace the missing one at the antique mall in Saginaw. I had looked there several other times with no luck, so I was really excited when I found it that day. We rewired the light last year (as the previous wire was long gone), and the pieces have been packed away - until this week! Here it is at the center of the loft - just where it was meant to be.

Dontcha love it when a plan comes together?

I know it looks like it's hanging really close to Mr. Buck 2. . .

but it's not as close as it appears.

I've told you that I love to decorate with pieces that have a story. The story of this antique double angle lamp now has an ending.

Oh, and that red dust cover on the smoke detector isn't there anymore.

All is well in the Keweenaw.

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