Copper Harbor Lighthouse

Copper Harbor Lighthouse

Friday, March 6, 2015

Sneak Peek Friday - H2O

We hit a milestone last week. . . running water!

We installed 3 of these:

That's the throne in the guest bath. (Again, the brown protective strips are still on the guest shower. Steve's saving them for me to remove.) Here's the throne in the master bath.

Steve held the phone up to that one and flushed so I could hear it. I should have asked him to tape it for you to hear, too.

The water was also running in the powder room.

My little pump faucet works great!

On a side note:  The antibiotics seem to be helping Steve's abscessed tooth, and the pain isn't quite as severe now. Praise the Lord.

All is well in the Keweenaw.

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  1. •Some other terms for the toilet include: washroom, outhouse, powder room, ladies, lavatory, potty, women’s room, bog, necessary, dunny, bathroom, gents, men’s room, khazi, convenience, garderobe, restroom, place of easement, privy, john, potty, water closet, the smallest room, can, little girls’ or boys’ room, facilities, and throne room. No matter what you call it, the monumental First Flush is always the most expensive. I can bet you probably didn’t get to flip the lever.


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