Copper Harbor Lighthouse

Copper Harbor Lighthouse

Friday, November 20, 2015

From Fall to Thanksgiving

I'm writing this on Thursday afternoon and will schedule it to post at midnight. As you can see through my window, we're in the midst of a snow/wind event.

It has been very windy all week, but they just issued a high wind warning from now until tomorrow (Friday) - with gusts in the 60 mph range. Yikes! With all the trees on this peninsula, there's a high probability we could lose power. I'm really hoping that won't happen, as I have some really sweet-looking ribs in the slow cooker for tonight's dinner. Anyway, with all the snow swirling outside right now, my blog topic seems rather strange, but here we go! 

I usually put up my Christmas decorations 2-5 days after Thanksgiving, so the house is decorated for a total of about 5 weeks. My fall decor is out much longer, so I don't put everything out right away. I gradually add to it as we get closer to Thanksgiving. I already wrote about my t.p. pumpkins and my super simple fall wreath (made with a winter scarf), and you saw some of the fall/Thanksgiving items on "The Wild Thing" the other day. One change I made early on in the season was the display on the dining table. I added a burlap table runner, and I modified the centerpiece. I usually have some faux apples under the cake dome in the center of the table. (OK, you caught me. My cake dome is not often used for a layer cake, as I'm more of a 9x13 kind of girl.) I removed some of the faux apples and added in some pinecones and faux acorns.

As we stepped further into fall, I added 2 pumpkins to the table. I got these at Dollar Tree. They're so ugly, they're cute.

As we hit November, I dug out the pumpkin salt & pepper shakers. . .

and tossed some seasonal items into a candy dish.

I also added a table runner on top of the buffet.

The framed "Thankful and Blessed" print and the burlap & metal pumpkin were out earlier.

The larger frame in the back holds pressed leaves and birch bark I picked up on this property the day we got married.

I had this small table on our stair landing until I replaced it with "The Wild Thing," so I moved it in back of the sofa. I may put a different table there eventually, but that's what's there for now. I added some faux flowers, a wicker pumpkin and a decorative box.

I have one other item on the table next to the sofa that I'll tell you about on Saturday or Monday - with another free printable - presuming I have power! 

Just another week or so, and this will all be replaced with Christmas stuff!

All is well (and windy & snowy) in the Keweenaw.

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