Copper Harbor Lighthouse

Copper Harbor Lighthouse

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Couldn't Resist

I need to preface this post by telling you that the interior of the house has been mostly put on hold this summer, as Steve needed the warm, snow-free days to do things outside. He will spend the upcoming winter months plowing snow (Duh!) and working on the inside of the house. He still needs to finish the master bath, the stair and loft railings and do lots of trim work. The most unfinished area of the entire house continues to be the 2nd guest room - the one above the kitchen.

I'm sure you remember that our Bay City friends, Marty & Donna, will be moving up here to their new home in Mohawk next year. They just left the Keweenaw yesterday. It was their final visit before that permanent move. Their 2 oldest sons came up for a brief visit last Friday, and they also left yesterday. 

Their oldest son, Marshall, was here with his dad to help Steve for 3 or 4 days over 10 years ago. They stayed in "the shack" with Steve. The barn hadn't been constructed, and we weren't even married yet. Since that time, Steve has always told Marshall that we would someday have a guest room available for him to use whenever he visited the Keweenaw. As the years went by, I'm sure Marshall thought the likelihood of a guest room was growing dimmer and dimmer, and it became a running joke. "Is my room ready yet?" You get the picture. So. . . when we heard Marshall was coming up and wanted to see our house, we just couldn't resist messin' with him a bit.

We had "his room" all ready for him. "His room" was the unfinished one, and we had a sign posted for him above the door (if you can call a blue tarp a door!).

"His room" is well appointed with a nice firm bed. . .

a lovely blue nightstand with storage, a lamp, a bedside photo of Marshall with his sweet wife. . .

high-quality window coverings for added privacy. . .

and helpful, informational signs.

Oh, I just realized that I forgot to add #5. It should have read:

     5. In case of fire, jump!

All is well in the Keweenaw.

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