Copper Harbor Lighthouse

Copper Harbor Lighthouse

Monday, September 28, 2015

The Doghouse

Since Cocoa moved from Calumet out to the property in April, she has had a half-finished doghouse with no roof. Her half-finished doghouse has been sitting inside our garage. She sleeps in that doghouse every night, but we've left the side garage door open in case she needed to go outside during the night. We couldn't continue that for the winter, as Steve really didn't want snow blowing inside the garage through that open door. He spent some time working on her doghouse recently, so he could get her and the doghouse moved outside. Remember, she has spent every winter of her life outside. Her coat grows super thick, and she's used to it. Her old doghouse was insulated, but this new doghouse is super insulated. Steve even saved extra shingles and siding from our house, so he could make the doghouse look similar to our house. He has it shingled and moved outside, but the siding isn't a priority right now. He has a lot of other outside jobs to do before winter sets in. The siding is basically just decorative anyway.

Anyway, in honor of her new doghouse, I figured she deserved to have her name on it. I printed her name on a sheet of paper with my printer, rubbed chalk on the back of the paper, put the paper on a board (chalk-side down) and traced the letters with a pen. That transferred the chalk outline of the letters onto the board. Next, I filled them in with white paint.

I thought the letters needed a little more definition, so I traced around them with a brown paint marker.

After that, Steve brushed on a coat of Cabot's - the same stuff we used on the front porch and on the exterior of the doghouse. That gives the wood more protection from the elements. 

If he finds himself with extra time this fall, he'll attach the siding, but I doubt he'll be able to get to it this year. Cocoa doesn't care anyway!

By the way, that gray canister you see attached to our house in the last photo is for our Verizon internet. That's what keeps me connected to you - and to the world.

All is well in the Keweenaw.

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