Copper Harbor Lighthouse

Copper Harbor Lighthouse

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Insulation Epilogue

I mentioned in a previous post that the spray foam insulation made the house feel different as far as temperature was concerned. However, the insulation also made the house feel different in another way. It seemed to give more definition to the rooms - maybe because the walls feel more solid. When the interior walls were first framed, the rooms felt smaller to us. Now, it seems like the rooms have transformed into larger spaces - even though the interior walls are still open. Strange, huh? The ever-morphing house! Of course, the white color of the spray foam on the exterior walls probably has something to do with that larger feeling, too. 

After the insulation mess was cleaned up, Steve took some more photos for us. Here's a shot from the kitchen looking into the dining area.

The next photo shows a window in the dining area and the window above the kitchen sink.

Next: Looking from the dining area - through the great room - and into the master bedroom.

The doorway to the basement, the stairs leading to the loft and the front door/foyer area.

Looking from the great room into the master bedroom.

The big master bedroom closet - love it!

From the master bedroom - through the great room - and into the dining area.

Moving up to the loft, here's the view into the guest bedroom (above the master bedroom).

Next, another shot of the same guest bedroom.

Now he's standing near the doorway of the previous guest bedroom - looking toward the other guest bedroom (above the kitchen). The guest bathroom doorway is on the right.

From the same area - but looking down into the great room.

Lastly, looking through the wall into the guest bathroom.

It's getting really exciting now, as Steve has started some of the tongue and groove pine installation on the walls. Watch for photos of that in an upcoming post! (I know. I'm a tease.) 

Gotta check on some flooring for the guest bathroom today, and I'll be going out to the property again this afternoon - doing the last of the work on the project I've been working on for the new house.

All is well in the Keweenaw.

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