Copper Harbor Lighthouse

Copper Harbor Lighthouse

Friday, January 29, 2016

Life in a Snow Globe

Many, many times this winter I've told Steve that it feels like we're living in a snow globe.

I'll be working on my laptop or walking through the house when I suddenly notice something outside.

I'll stop what I'm doing and look more closely.

Sure enough, it's snowing!

When the snow fills the air like it did when I took these photos on Wednesday, I'll often catch myself standing at the sliding doors in the great room - gazing at it all for several minutes without even realizing it.

Our house in Calumet is a small ranch house, and it's pretty dark inside during the winter months. Most of the windows aren't large and the windows on the front of the house have awnings. I often had to have a lamp on in the daytime during the winter, but I didn't mind. It felt cozy - like being wrapped in a warm quilt. 

You would think I would have the opposite feeling in this house with all the windows, but it still feels cozy. The crisp whiteness is outside, but the walls and even the windows shield me from the cold. I love it. When I stand in the great room, I see this:

When I turn to my right, I see this:

When I turn backwards, I see this:

And, if I turn to my left, I can look straight out one of our bedroom windows. Even when I go upstairs - I see this from the loft:

And, If I turn to my left or right when standing in the loft, I again see that whiteness through the guest room windows.

Occasionally, it even looks a little blue.

We're definitely living in a snow globe world!

Sometimes the snow is falling - like someone shook the snowglobe - and sometimes it's perfectly still. Either way - it's perfectly lovely.

All is well in the Keweenaw.

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