Copper Harbor Lighthouse

Copper Harbor Lighthouse

Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Well, we're getting snow! We're above 5 feet at the time I'm writing this, so you'll notice that I'm updating the snow chart (in the left column) more frequently lately. Remember, we don't plow snow in the U.P. We push it or move it. 

Yooper 1:  "Whatcha been doin' lately?"
Yooper 2:  (after long pause) "Pushin' snow, dontchaknow."
Yooper 1:  (after another long pause) "Oh, ya. We all been movin' snow."

Steve was outside on Saturday pushin' our snow off the driveway. I was inside and the phone rang. It was Steve asking me to look out by the LP tank. Here's what I saw.

These aren't the best photographs as I was shooting through the window. Can you see what I saw in the front seat?

Yep, that's Cocoa! It seems that she was quite excited when Steve was moving snow that day, so she kept getting in the way. She was moving out of the way of the truck, but Steve was afraid he was going to clip her with the edge of the plow, so he invited her into the truck with him.

He's such an old softie! Steve said it was actually pretty comical. When he's using the plow truck, there's a lot of forward and reverse, forward and reverse, forward and reverse. He said Cocoa learned how to brace herself for the changes so she didn't slide off the seat. Pretty smart dog, dontchaknow!

All is well (and snowy) in the Keweenaw. 

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