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Copper Harbor Lighthouse

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

#1 - The Grandma Tree

My love for things with a history and things with a story probably lead to my wanting 3 Christmas trees. There's no way I could have gotten all our ornaments on one tree anyway, so as long as we have room. . . 3 trees it is! I must confess that we still have some tiny ornaments that didn't make it on the 3 trees, so it may be necessary to have one more tree next year - maybe a 3 footer. Yeah, I said "necessary!"

I told you about a box of Christmas items Steve inherited from his grandmother (in my "Leaping for Joy" ornament post). She actually gave him that box when she moved from her home into an apartment. The Christmas items were mostly red & white. My grandmother gave me some ornaments she made through the years, and I knew that those ornaments were also mostly red & white. That led to the idea of a Grandma Tree, but this is the first time we really had room for one.

The Grandma Tree is a slim 6-footer. It sits in the foyer area next to the stairs (still with the temporary railing) and near the coat closet and the powder room.

The next photo was taken from the foyer looking into the great room. You can see one of the bifold doors of the coat closet on the left. The Grandma Tree has white garland and red lights.

The next 3 photos show some items from Steve's grandma.

Along with 2 of my "Leaping for Joy" ornaments, the following shot shows a white arched window ornament from Steve's grandma and a knitted red stocking from my grandma.

My grandmother made this wreath. . .

and this red bell, and here's another one of the stockings from Steve's grandmother.

I added some small red ball ornaments and the red & white candy ornaments that were used on our Christmas tree in Saginaw.

I've had the red velvet bows for over 25 years, but I didn't use them for many years. They worked well on this tree, though.

I remember telling my grandmother about my idea for this tree when she still lived in Wisconsin. She was pleased, but she didn't live to see it; and Steve's grandma didn't live to see it either.

Oh well, it makes us happy to look at it and think of our grandmothers. I guess we're both a bit sentimental.

I'll be back later today or tomorrow with "#2 - The Memory Tree."

All is well in the Keweenaw.

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