Copper Harbor Lighthouse

Copper Harbor Lighthouse

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

#3 - The Keweenaw Tree

When I was preparing this post about our third tree, I realized we do already have a fourth tree I should tell you about. Do you see it in the foreground?

That small white ceramic tree with red bulbs is one that's been around since my mom purchased it when I was still in elementary school. It was made by a blind lady, and I've always liked it. I have seen similar ceramic trees through the years, but they've all been green. 

Now, on to the Keweenaw Tree in the great room. Let's start at the top. The star is outlined in a bronze color - an often-used metal in our Keweenaw home.

I was thrilled to get this star topper on an after-Christmas clearance at Walmart last year - another screamin' deal at $1.09! 

Now, let's go to the bottom and check out my tree skirt. Steve is a hunter and he had 2 tanned deer hides, so why not use them under the tree? I first used them for this purpose when we lived in Saginaw, but it seems even more appropriate up here under our Keweenaw Tree.

Moving on to the ornaments:  I already told you about my handmade contributions to the Keweenaw Tree. Here's a photo recap.

Since snowflakes are representative of the Keweenaw, we have 2 colors of glittered snowflakes - white & bronze. 

We have pine trees everywhere, so pine cones had to be featured on this tree. I already had some that were glittered on the tips, and I purchased 2 packages of other cones - some shiny - some matte - some covered fully in glitter.

I purchased some ornaments in a woodland assortment that had colors like champagne, deep reds and dark browns. The reds reminded me of thimbleberries, and I also bought some ornaments in icicle shapes in champagne and bronze. 

The ornaments were all hung on the tree after I put on the 8 strands of shiny copper beaded garland. The Keweenaw is called "the copper country." The copper beads are a nod to our copper mining history. (Plus, I love copper!)

Let's step back and gaze at the finished tree a while. This is the view from in back of the sofa.

I stood in the dining area and/or the kitchen for the next 2 shots.

And, I had to get some photos from the loft.

You can see the Keweenaw Tree when you enter the house - whether you come in the front door or the garage door. It's definitely the focal point.

I was able to capture all 3 Christmas trees when I snapped the last photo from the loft. The Keweenaw tree is centered between the patio doors - and the Memory Tree in the loft & the Grandma Tree in the foyer are reflected in the trapezoid windows.

I hope you had as much fun decorating for Christmas as I did. I'll try to share a post about some of our other Christmas decor soon after Christmas.

Don't eat too much!

All is well in the Keweenaw.

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  1. Your trees are all so beautiful! I would want to keep them up all winter! Ornaments are so pretty too.....memory ones and the homemade! I bought a copper snowflake for our tree too. Think it was in the 90's on one of our camping trips in the UP ! Duane and I hope you and Steve had a wonderful Christmas and will have a Happy New Year too!


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