Copper Harbor Lighthouse

Copper Harbor Lighthouse

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

It's Never Gonna End!

Wednesday, March 18 - That was the day I talked to Bill at AT&T. He assured me he had taken care of our continual problem with billing. He credited our account and took my $5.00 payment for the landline at the new house to remain on "vacation mode."

Thursday, March 19 - We left the Keweenaw to take our trip down to Saginaw.

Monday, March 23 - That was the day the AT&T bill was due. Of course, that was of no concern to me - since I took care of it on the phone with Bill back on March 18.

Tuesday, March 24 - We left Saginaw and returned to Calumet.

Saturday, March 28 - This arrives in the mail.

I'm now thoroughly convinced - it's never. . .

ever. . .

ever. . .

gonna end!

Did you catch the date on that notice? March 31. It arrived in the mail on Saturday, March 28. March 31 was Tuesday!

So, I made another call to AT&T Customer Support on Saturday, March 28. 

I didn't get Bill again; I got Kay. . . eventually.

Along with other things, I said, "Can you please tell me the magic words I need to say in order straighten out my account, because I obviously haven't said them yet?!"

Kay was kind, understanding and helpful for 22 minutes. She said the other reps hadn't made the proper changes on my account. (Bad, bad reps.) She said she was now making those changes for me. I told her I had heard that before! Oh, but it's correct now (she tells me)!

Saturday, April 4 - The new bill from AT&T arrives. Is it for the correct amount of $5.00?

No such luck.

Like I said, it's never gonna end!

Until  -  I  -  end it!

Soon! Very soon!

Everything else is well in the Keweenaw!

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