Copper Harbor Lighthouse

Copper Harbor Lighthouse

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Nuts Since 1904

Hello! Time to share my Peanut Pillow Project. You may or may not remember that I had a burlap peanut sack hanging on the back of our Amish bench in the garage entry/laundry room. I mentioned it in one of my June patriotic posts and said that I thought it wanted to be made into a pillow. Well, the peanut sack screamed at me loudly enough the other day that I finally made the pillow. 

Truthfully, I put it off until now because I hadn't decided how I was going to complete the top edge of the pillow. I had thought about sewing the top edge completely shut or maybe folding over the top edge and securing it with a button. Then, a random thought about the peanut pillow popped into my brain the other day when I wasn't even thinking about anything remotely related to decor. (Funny how that happens.) It's a peanut sack, so why not simply tie it shut?  #LightBulbMoment.

I gathered my supplies: The sack. . .

the twine. . .

and the polyester fiber fill for stuffing.

I washed the sack back in June, so I simply stuffed it with the fiber fill. . .

and tied it shut after wrapping the twine around the top about a dozen times.

It can't get any easier than that.

The Peanut Pillow is resting comfortably back on the Amish bench right now. . .

but I'm not promising it's going to stay there. It will probably begin screaming at me again when it wants to move around the house.

All is well in the Keweenaw.


  1. Cute! I made a pillow like this out of an old feed sack. I put it out under the pergola and with time It faded and I tossed it. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

    1. I have a feed sack pillow, too. Should post that one on some link parties. Thanks for the reminder.


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