Copper Harbor Lighthouse

Copper Harbor Lighthouse

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Changing Lights

The longest day of the year was 2 months ago, and we're losing about 3 minutes of daylight per day at this time of year in the Keweenaw. I was thinking about that as I sat in the great room at 7:30 last night and noticed the sun had just slipped behind the treetops.

There was still too much light streaming in through the wall of windows to make a lamp necessary, but the light was changing nonetheless. Before we know it, the light switch for the dining area will need to be in the *on* position when we're eating dinner.

You may have caught a few glimpses of another light change in my posts in the last month or so. We purchased 2 new matching lamps for the great room.

We walked into a furniture store in Hancock in July to look for some new chairs for the great room. My eyes were almost immediately (like within 30 seconds) drawn to some lamps displayed with one of the furniture groupings near the door.

Oh, the burlap shade. . .

the pebble-textured glass base in sort of a smokey gray hue. . .

and the wire wrapped around the glass - sort of like chicken wire.

The wire pattern was similar to the pattern on the rattan rope pendant hanging above our stair landing.

I fell in love - right then and there - and my darling husband said I could have them. Well, the lamps were so new to their inventory they didn't have price tags on them, so I didn't know how much they cost, and I didn't really *need* new lamps. I already had other lamps in the great room, but I was never really satisfied with them after moving to this house. The scale wasn't right for this larger living area. The gal who was helping us had to go look up the price, so I had time to think about it.

Score! The price was great, and Steve insisted we get them. I finally agreed - IF - and only IF - Steve would consider this my anniversary gift (even though our anniversary isn't until October 1st). 

We walked out of the store with 2 new lamps and some fabric samples. 

We returned the samples the following week and ordered 2 new chairs. One will replace the chair & ottoman that matches our sofa. The sofa is still in good shape, but the chair & ottoman are quite worn. The other chair will replace the brown recliner you can see in the first photo on this post. That recliner was in the Calumet house when we bought it, but it was like new, so we decided to use it for a while. It's not really that comfortable, though, so it was time for an upgrade. Besides, Steve "really needs" something that swivels. He says his neck gets sore when watching the wildlife outside!

I'll throw you an update when the new chairs arrive. It may be a few weeks yet.

All is well in the Keweenaw.

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