Copper Harbor Lighthouse

Copper Harbor Lighthouse

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Copper Harbor 4th - Fireworks

I'm finally back with the third installment in my series detailing the annual Independence Day celebration in Copper Harbor. After the *big* parade, we went back to our room to drop off our empty candy bag, and we happened to notice a freighter through our sliding door.

We hopped on our golf cart for a quick trip over to the small bakery/fish market in town and saw the same freighter from there.

The local volunteer firefighters grill hot dogs, brats and sweet corn in the park on July 4th, so we headed there for lunch with Marty & Donna. The prices aren't bad, and those guys are good grillers. We spent the rest of the afternoon visiting a few of the local gift shops - running into a few people we know - relaxing on the deck of our motel - and the golf cart got un-decorated at some point.

Before we knew it, the Isle Royale Queen IV was returning with a group from Isle Royale. It's always interesting to watch her dock and unload.

We brought food for our evening meal, so the guys grilled the burgers on our small BBQ grill. We were soon feasting on burgers, tuna macaroni salad and chips & dip while enjoying more of this lovely view.

We saved the strawberry shortcake (with ice cream & Cool Whip) until the sun started fading and the waterfront started to fill with spectators.

I think we lost track of how many of these sky lanterns we saw people light up and release before the fireworks began.

Getting darker. . .

and darker. Some folks were positioning their boats out in the harbor to watch the fireworks - kind of like getting seats on the 50-yard line.

The fireworks began at 11:00 p.m. - right on time! Enjoy!

And. . . some shots from the grand finale.

30 minutes later, and the fireworks were over until next year. The town emptied out quickly and we called it a night. It was a full and relaxing day.

Stay tuned for the last installment on our July 4th holiday.

All is well in the Keweenaw.

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