Copper Harbor Lighthouse

Copper Harbor Lighthouse

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Fabulous Family Fun - Part 2

This is the second and final installment giving you the lowdown on the recent visit of Shawn, Carrie, Grace and Wylo. Wednesday, July 15th started out with a lighter breakfast of cereal and toast, as Breakfast Chef Extraordinaire, Steve, had some errands to run in Calumet. (Seriously, he's the chief egg chef around here, since I'm allergic to them.)

Our guests planned to spend some time at the beach in the afternoon, so sandwiches, pretzels and Rice Krispies bars were packed for them to snack on while there. We took separate vehicles and led them to Haven Falls first.

We had to show this spot to Shawn & Wylo, since they had heard Grace tell and retell the story about me falling down the extremely steep hill next to the falls - head over heels - when I was trying to rescue Grace - back in 2012. (I obviously survived. It looked worse than it was - a little bloody - nothing serious!) Time for more posing. Notice how Carrie is a chip of the old block (of Steve). No wonder I love her!

The girls.

Daredevil Grace on top of another waterfall. No rescue required this year.

Off to Bete Grise - the beach with the singing sand.

Here's Grace testing the water temperature.

It was a bit cool! OK, it was downright cold! Shawn told the girls he would give them $10 if they jumped in and got fully wet - head to toe. Wylo went first, followed by Grace, followed by Carrie. Carrie ran over to Shawn and gave him a quick, cold hug after she got out. We died laughing at the imprint she left behind.

It was time to leave them there for the afternoon, as we were confident Shawn could find the way back to our house. I snapped a couple more quick shots on our way out - one showing Grace wading back into the water. She's always been part fish.

After they returned to our house, Shawn & Carrie took a nap while the girls drove the golf cart around, rode our bikes and played with Cocoa. Grandpa got the grill fired up and made a bunch of hot dogs and hamburgers. I made cole slaw, corn on the cob (and some mac & cheese for the girls) - plus we had the tuna macaroni salad we hadn't eaten the day before. We all feasted until we were uncomfortably stuffed. I cleaned up the kitchen, we all got ready for church and headed into Calumet for our Wednesday evening Bible Study/Prayer Meeting - arriving just 1-2 minutes late. When we returned home, we had some Lemon Cream Cheese Pie with a dollop (or 2) of Cool Whip. A little more laughter and a little more rē-lăx-sā-shē-ōwn, and we all turned in.

Cut to the next morning, July 16th. Steve awoke first and noticed something different outside. Poor Georgia Hummingbird was on the ground below the feeder - twitching slightly and breathing his last. He was our dominant male who loved to sit on top of the shepherd's hook and conduct his reign of terror on all the other males who ventured into his territory. Yes, I know Georgia is a girl's name, but that's what Carrie named him the day before. Grace and I argued for Georgie, but Georgia seemed to stick. Anyway, there he was. No autopsy was conducted, but we suspect the cause of death was accidental -  a result of severe injuries sustained in a collision with the sliding glass door. The door will not face charges. Grace (our resident daredevil, part fish and serious animal lover) conducted a respectful funeral and committal service. . .

after posing with the body!

She also posed with the grave - smiling after a job well done.

Time had gone by too quickly, and it was time for them to get packed up to leave. Their plan was to leave about 11:00 a.m., so we had plenty of time for a massive breakfast. Chef Steve was in the kitchen whipping up eggs, bacon and sausage. I broke out the Belgian waffle maker and worked on those, and we both worked on the toast - homemade bread, of course. Not a bit of trouble - just pure joy - when feeding loved ones.

Their rental vehicle was packed, and everyone posed for one last time - with some unnamed individuals still in (or partly in) their pajamas.

BIG HUGS all around. . . and. . . they were off.

The only trouble with having family visit is that we miss them so much after they leave! Sigh. Can't wait 'til next year! 

All is well in the Keweenaw.

(P.S. Several male hummingbirds moved into our feeder territory within an hour or so after Georgia's demise. There was so much fighting going on out there for awhile that we purchased another hummingbird feeder, and we have 4-8 hummingbirds here almost all the time - from first light in the morning to last light in the evening.)

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