Copper Harbor Lighthouse

Copper Harbor Lighthouse

Friday, June 19, 2015

Sneak Peek Friday - Caution!

Why is there yellow caution tape around the area in front of our garage? Is it a crime scene?

No, we're actually using it to prevent a crime.

What crime? 

Steve shooting our dog!

I previously shared some photos showing the new stone on the section of our driveway closest to our house. 

We stopped just short of the garage, as we planned to put a cement slab in front of the garage doors.

Well, the cement was poured last Thursday, June 11th. Matt showed up and got the area all ready for the cement truck. He even protected the siding on the house with black plastic. You can see the truck arriving in the next photo. Steve and Cocoa seemed quite interested.

Our friends, Marty and Bill, were in the Keweenaw for a few days and arrived a bit early for dinner, so they were able to join in the fun of watching the guys work. (Marty and Bill are on the far left. Marty is in the gray shirt; Bill is in the red shirt.)

Matt came back again the next day for more work. First, he did the short sidewalk that goes from the slab in front of the garage doors to the side door of the garage.

Then, he did the slab for the outdoor wood furnace. I was on the front porch and had to zoom in through the trees to get a photo of that.

Here's the cement truck leaving that area.

In order to prevent Cocoa from stepping in the wet cement, we had to keep her in the barn until Saturday afternoon. Thus, the caution tape! She's extremely curious, and likes to thoroughly sniff out anything new. Since her nails are quite long and very sharp, Steve put a piece of plywood across the sidewalk for her to walk on after we did let her out of the barn. (She sleeps in the garage.)

To be truthful, the caution tape isn't just for Cocoa. The cement guy suggested we really shouldn't drive on the new cement for a week or two, so the tape is to prevent any visitors from pulling up onto the cement in front of our garage.

The cement is curing nicely, and Steve is really excited that he has a nice spot to wash, wax and detail our vehicles.

All is well in the Keweenaw.

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