Copper Harbor Lighthouse

Copper Harbor Lighthouse

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Bedtime Story

Shortly after I moved into the new house, Steve decided to surprise me by stopping at one of our storage units to pick up our bed. The bedroom in the Calumet house was too small to use our bed frame/canopy. It would have completely overwhelmed the room. We've used just our queen mattress and box spring on metal bed rails since moving to the U.P. - not even a headboard. That was OK in Calumet with painted walls and curtains on the window directly in back of the bed, but it looked pretty blah in the new house.

Since we originally purchased our bedroom suite with this house in mind, we were both looking forward to using the complete bed again. Steve looked and looked through the storage unit that day, and he found everything - everything except 3 bed posts! What? Houston, we have a problem. There's no such thing as a 1-poster bed. The storage unit was pretty packed, so we were both hopeful the missing posts would turn up when the unit was emptied.

Storage unit emptying day came on April 23rd. As the guys worked to clean out both storage units and move the items into the house and basement, Steve was extremely disappointed that the 3 missing bed posts were nowhere to be found. Where could they be? Did the movers leave them on the truck when they moved our items from Saginaw back in 2011? If so, why didn't they discover the bed posts later and contact us? We know they weren't left in our Saginaw house. We would have seen them when we cleaned. It was a long shot, but we called the movers the next morning. Nope. There was nothing they could do. Too much time had passed to submit a claim. Steve was very kind to the customer service rep on the phone, but. . . sigh. We spent quite a bit of time that morning and early afternoon trying to figure out how we could still make use of our bed without it looking too odd. There were holes on the headboard and footboard where the bed posts were to be attached. 

Hmmm. Those holes had to be covered. Maybe we could buy some finials made for the top of a newel post (like on a stair railing). We know we couldn't successfully match the finish of the bed, but we could paint them copper or try to match the finish on the hardware. It was the best solution I could come up with, but we weren't going to be completely happy with just a headboard and footboard and no posts at all. Sigh again.

I wrote a terse unflattering review of our mover and posted it on the Internet, and we went about our business of unpacking and organizing. Late in the afternoon, Steve came up from the basement, sat on one of the dining chairs, and said, "I'm stunned." I was confused as to what he meant. Did he just hit his head on something in the basement? I questioned him about his statement. "I just found the bed posts," he said. 

What? Amen! Praise the Lord! 

Where were they?

Steve had a huge plastic tub - about the size you would use to pack away an artificial Christmas tree. It had been in storage, and he knew it contained a bunch of his hunting clothes. It turns out that it also contained 3 bed posts. The movers dismantled our bed in Saginaw, so we didn't realize that each bed post could be broken down into 2 shorter pieces. Why did the movers break down only 3 of the bed posts and pack them into that tub with Steve's hunting clothes? We don't have the answer to that question, but we were very thankful to find the remaining pieces to our bed. 

I quickly got online and deleted the unflattering review of our mover, and Steve called them the next business day to apologize for his earlier phone call. The customer service rep was very kind and said his apology wasn't necessary as he was very nice to her. That gave him the opportunity to tell her he was a Christian and calling her back was the right thing to do. He put the bed together for us the next week.

And, today I finally got out the new bedding we purchased before we moved to the U.P. and made the bed with it for the first time. The bed is now the focal point of the room, and we learned a lesson about jumping to hasty conclusions.

(Please ignore the "migraine curtains." Steve quickly thumbtacked them up for me when I had a migraine. I didn't really want to use window treatments in this house, as we have no neighbors out here; but I'll have to do something more permanent in our bedroom for those migraine days.)

All is well in the Keweenaw.

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