Copper Harbor Lighthouse

Copper Harbor Lighthouse

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Mr. Bubble

Building a house is a series of compromises. Thankfully, we knew that before we even started construction. Maybe you run into a huge mass of solid rock when digging your foundation, so the house can't be positioned in the exact spot you first envisioned. Maybe your budget caused you to rethink your original siding choice. Maybe the small alcove in the loft where you thought you would put a small desk made better sense as a linen closet. Maybe your washer and dryer need to switch positions in order to have that pocket door on the laundry room. Those things can (and did) happen, so you just go with the flow. When Steve came home and said there may be a problem with the tub in the master bath, you look at the photos, make a trip to the property with him, and make some new decisions.

Let me preface this by explaining that our blueprints called for a corner tub, but I've been rethinking that corner tub for a long time. My bad back isn't getting better with age, and I was concerned about all the reaching and stretching necessary to keep it clean. I had pretty much made up my mind to go with a rectangular tub with air jets by the time we went shopping for our showers and tub last fall. When we found a screamin' deal on a jetted tub, it was too good to pass up. Decision made.  

Steve was in the barn when the boys put the tub in place near the end of the day on March 14. When he went to close up the house after they left, he didn't think the tub looked right in that position, so he snapped some photos for me.

Nope, that's not going to work. I saw several problems. (1) The faucets I purchased years ago call for a deck mount installation, not a wall mount, and there was no room to build a shallow deck around the tub. (2) The backrest was on the window wall. Does Steve (aka Mr. Bubble) want to stare at a blank wall when he's soaking? No, he wants to stare at the woods. (No Neighbors = No Curtains.)

(3) And, speaking of the window - we all want the tub centered under the window, don't we? Yes, yes, we do. 

So, two walls were moved a bit to make the necessary changes, but that gives us an even larger master bedroom closet. No problem. I'll have photos of the changes made to this area in an upcoming post.

Mr. Bubble is really looking forward to resting his aging bones in a jetted tub - percolating while he's gazing at his trees!

All is well in the Keweenaw.

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