Copper Harbor Lighthouse

Copper Harbor Lighthouse

Monday, March 3, 2014

How Deep It Is!

I've been cooped up with this sinus infection for the last two weeks, so we went for a ride after our appointments with our new doctor last Thursday. It will take several posts to share photos I took that day, but we'll start with this one to illustrate how deep it is!

Your snow depth tour begins with some photos I snapped as we traveled back from the property along Hwy. 41 weaving through several small towns.

I love this next photo, as you can see the ghostly image of the #6 shafthouse at the old Centennial Mine in the background.

Here's the scenery along Hwy. 41 as we headed into Calumet.

We came across some heavy equipment working on the intersection of Pine Street and Seventh Street. 

This is Mom's end of Seventh Street,

and this is Elm Street. 

You might not think the snow depth along Hwy. 41 was too impressive. Remember, they cut the banks back (often) along the sides of the road. You can see that in the next photo.

The next three photos show how the banks had just been cut back, but they weren't finished cleaning up after themselves yet.

Some of the roads in Calumet have gotten a bit out of hand. The next three photos show streets that have become one-lane roads.

Along our route on Thursday, we noticed many houses buried in snow. Can you see the house and garage on the right in the next picture?

Here's the same property photographed again on our way home. The house is on the left and the garage is on the right. 

Again, here's the house. See the chimney? 

Here's another house along Hwy. 41.

All the remaining photos in this post were taken in Calumet.

These homes are across the street from Mom's townhouse. 

Trucks get buried, too.

Here's our humble abode.

It's deep, but it sure looks clean!

All is well in the Keweenaw.

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