Copper Harbor Lighthouse

Copper Harbor Lighthouse

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Italics: The Sequel

If you haven't read last night's post, read it before you read this one.


TODAY:  21 hours later, it still wasn't right.

So, I wait 2 more hours in order to calm down before attempting to get an AT&T customer (dis)service representative on the phone.

OK, I once again dial the SPECIAL 1-800 billing number I was given - WAY back in December.

I finally make it through all of the voice prompts. . . yes, on to human contact. I'm being transferred to the customer service department. Then, I hear:

"Our customer service department is closed. Please call back during regular business hours."

Patience.  Officially.  Exhausted.

I look through my extensive notes from all previous AT&T calls and find another number. OK. . . dialing. 

A human (and I use that term loosely) finally answers.

She asks: "How are you today?"

That was the wrong question. She got an earful.

She repeats the incorrect balance to me. I explain the situation. . . again. She then questions why I made the huge payment on January 2nd - IF the amount was being disputed. 

"Because you said I HAD to make the payment in full BEFORE the account could be credited for the amount I was billed incorrectly!!!!!!!"

After putting me back on hold several times and lots of keyboard action on her end, I was finally told that the balance on my account now reads $0.00. (Yeah, right! Can't wait for the next bill.)

Then. . . 

then. . . 

I get another obligatory sales pitch.

AT&T cell service?

I almost lost it.

She ends the call by reminding me NOT to text and drive - and tells me to have "an awesome" day.

If I have to deal with these people one more time, I'm going to text and drive ON PURPOSE!

All else is well in the Keweenaw.

P.S. If you're looking for a good place to invest some money, I would suggest wig companies.

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