Copper Harbor Lighthouse

Copper Harbor Lighthouse

Saturday, October 18, 2014

In Da U.P.

Marty & Donna, our friends from Bay City, recently purchased a home in the U.P. - just 11.5 miles from the driveway of our new house to their driveway. 

Isn't that a fantastic wraparound porch? It's an older home that has been totally remodeled - inside and outside. It's really nice.

Marty and Donna aren't moving up permanently just yet, but they recently made the trip from Bay City to spend some time in their new house - getting a little taste of what it feels like to live in the Keweenaw. 

Anyway, they noticed a sign they found humorous while passing through Marquette on their way home. Since we had to make another trip to Menards in Marquette last weekend, we made sure to have the camera ready to get a shot of the sign they had mentioned to us.

The sign was at the Frei Chevrolet dealership (pronounced "fry").

Only in da U.P., eh!

Free Deer Corn with a test drive! Frei Chevy has been running TV commercials about this promotion, too. You can test drive a new car or a used car. Either way you get a free bag of deer corn. How appropriate that the sign was done in "hunter orange."

All is well in the Keweenaw. You betcha!

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  1. Soon to be your friends from Mohawk,MI in the U.P.


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