Copper Harbor Lighthouse

Copper Harbor Lighthouse

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Fort Wilkins - Part 2

If you haven't already read yesterday's post, please stop and do so before continuing.  This post is a continuation of that one. 

Everybody ready?  OK, we'll continue our tour of Fort Wilkins Historic State Park in Copper Harbor.

Ammunition for the fort had to be stored as safely as possible, so a Powder Magazine was a necessary structure.

It's a neat little building, isn't it?

Now a photo of the interior.

The Guardhouse was next.  This is located near the original entrance to the fort.  You can see the Guardhouse in the photo below on the left of the Powder Magazine.

This photo shows the interior of one of the cells in the Guardhouse.

Here's one of the original cell doors.

Here are some interior shots of the Officer's Quarters.  Plexiglas has been installed across the open doorways prohibiting entrance into the rooms, so reflections made photography a bit difficult.

The privies for the officers and their families were located in back of their quarters.  Chamber pots were obviously quite handy after dark!  Thank you, Lord, for indoor plumbing.

The Post Hospital was next on our tour.  This building has been restored to its 1870 appearance.  First, two photos of the doctor's office.

Secondly, the hospital ward located in the same building.

Now on to the Barracks.

Back before electricity and refrigerators, the Icehouse was needed.  The red arrow in the photo below shows the poor condition of the Icehouse in 1889.

Here's the exterior today.

The sutler maintained a store at the fort to sell provisions to the soldiers.

The exterior of the store is shown next.

Now, some interior shots panning from right to left.

What could your money buy?

Here's a nice diorama of Fort Wilkins.  The Married Enlisted Men's Quarters (first on our tour) are at the bottom right.

We were nearing the end of a beautiful day.  As we drove away from Fort Wilkins, we stopped briefly along the road to snap a photo of the Copper Harbor Lighthouse through a break in the trees.

We drove into the little village of Copper Harbor and turned left at the blinking light in the middle of town.  By the way, that blinking light is the only traffic light in all of Keweenaw County!  We meandered down the section of Hwy. 41 known as the covered road.

A pretty drive any time of year.  We made our way back down to Kearsarge and stopped for dinner.  Can you guess where?

A full parking lot is always a good sign.  We were in the mood for a good burger at The Hut, as it sounded like a nice American thing to eat on Memorial Day weekend.  DELICIOUS!  We really love it up here. 

If you would like to read a bit more about Fort Wilkins, click on the green links below:

These are the same links that were included in yesterday's post.

Until next time. . . All is well in the Keweenaw.

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