Copper Harbor Lighthouse

Copper Harbor Lighthouse

Saturday, May 5, 2012

First Mow

The temperature got up to 51° today, so Steve decided to do some yard work.  There were three trees in the front yard, but one of them was dead.  Now, there are two.  Here's a photo we snapped when we were looking at the house.  You can see the dead tree on the left. 

Steve knew he was going to have to drop that tree toward the road.  The neighbors park on the street in front of that tree, so he needed to do it when the neighbors weren't home.  Today was the day.  He took the trusty Husqvarna out of the case and got to work. 

It no time at all, he had the tree down and all the branches and pieces of the trunk were piled in the back of the truck.  This is what was left behind. 

Cocoa hasn't been for a ride for quite a while, so he loaded her into the truck, too.  They drove up to the property and unloaded the wood.  Steve let Cocoa run around and sniff for quite a while.  She's such a good dog that she deserved a nice outing. 

There was still plenty of afternoon remaining when they returned, so it was time for the first mow of the lawn for 2012. 

Steve had the mowing finished in no time at all, too.  It's much different mowing this lawn than that huge lawn we had down in Saginaw.  Even though he had a riding mower, the trim work necessary around all the trees we had was very time consuming.  Steve likes to stay busy, but he doesn't miss mowing that lawn.

I ventured outside a bit, too.  Steve pointed out the asparagus that is just beginning to poke through the earth in the backyard.  We're looking forward to eating that.  Our tulips on the side of the garage are blooming now. 

There's a small patch (about 4' x 6') of tulips in the backyard, too.  No color there yet, but many should be blooming in a week or so. 

I'm almost finished with a post about the Eagle Harbor Lighthouse.  Look for it within a few days.  It's now 45°.  All is well in the Keweenaw.

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