Copper Harbor Lighthouse

Copper Harbor Lighthouse

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

8 Measly Inches

8 measly inches!  No wonder the Lake Effect Snow Warning had been downgraded to a Lake Effect Snow Advisory by the time we turned in on Saturday night.  How disappointing.  That brings our official snow total in Houghton County to 138.5” or just over 11-1/2 feet.   

When we were dating, Steve purchased a Toro 6.5 hp snow blower to use on my driveway.  It has been sitting in storage up here for quite a few years and wouldn’t start, so he took it down to the local small engine repair shop for a good cleaning.  The natives were a bit amused when he brought it in.  “What are you planning to do with that?” they inquired.  “My driveway,” Steve replied.  Now, they were really amused.  Steve played along a bit and didn’t take offense.  He can take a good ribbing.  After explaining that the snow blower was perfect for the requirements of a Saginaw winter, he left it in their hands.  When he returned a few days later, they were kind enough to admit that our little Toro did a pretty good job.  They sent one of the guys “out back” to test it that morning, and it “trew dat snow” a good distance up in the air!  So there.   

Have you ever raked your roof?  It’s a common practice here.  This home was built in 1968 without a steep pitch to the roof, so a roof rake was a wise investment.  Steve raked the roof one week ago yesterday.  Just for kicks, he thought he would rake it again today.  I walked into the kitchen this afternoon and had to laugh out loud and grab the camera when I noticed the altered view out my kitchen window.  You'll see two photos attached below.  I pulled back the curtain a bit for you.  That's the window above the kitchen sink.  Notice the shovel?  Steve took a few shots from the exterior, also.  Keep in mind:  This wasn’t the snow from the entire roof - just the snow from a small portion of it.  The deck was clear when he started.  For some reason, Steve has decided the snow can sit in front of the kitchen window for a day or two.  No worry, he’ll get to it.  The BBQ grill is somewhere under the shallow end of that pile, and he needs it to grill New York Strips on Super Bowl Sunday!


  1. Hey what is all that white stuff, sand! Nice blog Julie! It looks absolutely beautiful, from here that is. So glad all is going well. Hey, you know what? I feel like I am on Facebook! Love ya guys.

  2. We will be visiting this spring. Probably like July Lori says! Lol


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