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Copper Harbor Lighthouse

Monday, September 12, 2016

I Finally Caved

OK, I finally caved - gave up - surrendered - threw in the towel - sent up the white flag. I guess once you've put 12 screw holes in your bedroom window trim, you might as well put 8 more in the window trim in the dining area. Yep, we purchased more drapery panels.

Because we normally have dinner at 6:00 p.m., the sun shines directly in my eyes during our meal in the summer months - blinding me so badly some days that it's difficult to see what's on the table in front of me. Yes, I could move to the opposite side of the table, but having the sun burn a hole in the back of my head is almost as annoying. Plus, that doesn't solve the problem when we have company. I suppose we could adjust our dinner time during the summer so as not to correspond to the eyeball-searing rays of the sun, but we're both way too routine-oriented to be happy with that solution.

If you remember, I was resisting the whole window-covering thang for our first year in the new house; but I eventually decided the best solution in the dining area would be to hang one of those temporary paper adhesive accordion shades in that window - again, just during the summer. I would take it down at the end of the summer, clean up any leftover sticky residue on the trim with Goo Gone and enjoy my bare windows all fall, winter and spring. I convinced myself I could live with that. Turns out - no matter how hard I tried - I'm just not a paper shade kind of girl. I could kind of ignore the fact that the shade was paper. . . but, those double-ugly plastic clips used to hold the shade in the UP position did not agree with me at all. Maybe if we were talking about the window on an enclosed porch - but not on the window right smack dab in front of our dining table. I briefly (like 10 seconds) entertained the notion of gluing something "cutsie" to the clips - perhaps a stone , flower or butterfly - but that would have drawn even more attention to the paper shade. Uh, uh. Not gonna work. 

I started weighing my design options. What could I buy that would resolve our problem attractively and be most agreeable to my frugal nature. OK, it had to be floor-length drapery panels with grommets, and the color had to be light - preferably off white - some texture - no flowers or graphic design. They had to be sun-blocking, but not blackout panels like I needed in the bedroom for my migraines. We made a trip to Menards in Marquette on Labor Day for some lumber Steve needed, and I spotted my solution. Yes, another screamin' deal! How does 4 window panels meeting everything on my wish list at $6.99 each grab ya?

That comes to $27.96 for 2 windows. Yes, please! (You've heard the song. Help me sing it now. "Save big money - save big money - when you shop Menards!")

I was also able to get the same bronze curtain rods I used in the bedroom while we were there. They're so simple (not fussy) that you almost don't notice them. They're also very sturdy - no center support is needed - so they won't interfere with my Christmas window wreaths. Yeah, I thought ahead. Steve was amused.

I was amused because one of the options I had been considering to get the look I wanted was to purchase cotton drop cloths (like a painter would use), hem them to the desired length and hang them from rods using drapery clips. (Stop laughing now and do a Google search; you'll find plenty of examples on the Internet.) These drapery panels from Menards came in under budget - without dragging out my sewing machine - without purchasing drapery clips - and I get a very similar look. I know! Fist Bump!

Now that the drapery panels are hanging in the dining area, we're really loving 'em. They give our windows a little more personality. Grommets allow curtains to take up very little space when they're pushed all the way open, so the panels aren't blocking our view, they're framing it.

I don't know why we were so resistant to putting screw holes in our window trim. Maybe it's because we do have such a personal relationship with the wood. This pine window trim and all the tongue & groove boards covering our walls and ceilings came from our own trees - trees that had to come down anyway to clear the path for our driveway. It was milled, stacked, restacked, dried for years and cut to the proper dimensions before going up on the inside of our home. Steve's hands have been on every single board many, many times. It's very special to us. In the long run, we've decided that we're not really destroying or covering up the wood by hanging a few curtains. We're just enhancing it. Don't be surprised if we enhance it a little more the next time we go to Marquette. The patio doors are feeling a bit neglected.

All is well in the Keweenaw.


  1. LOVE the l ook... I'm a gal who changes everyhthing, so i could NEVER live with wood LOL.. it woudl be painted white, blue, green, anything but wood... so the curtains will give some color possibilities.. with them soooo cheap you can use the cream for summer/spring and get fallish colors... :) beautiful!!!

  2. Yep, you're definitely my presto-chango friend. How many different hair colors have you had? Love that about you. I guess I don't get bored that easily. Haven't even taken the summer bedding/curtains out of the master bedroom yet. Can't wait to see you guys SOON! It will be fun!


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