Copper Harbor Lighthouse

Copper Harbor Lighthouse

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Another Trip to Marquette

We had to make another trip to Marquette the Friday before Memorial Day. It was sunny when we left our place. . .

but it was getting a little hazy as we were headed down the hill into Hancock.

We were driving in and out of some foggy areas until we got to the Baraga area and noticed this white band of fog on top of the water in the bay.

It moved over the road as we got into the town of Baraga.

I think we hit a bump as I was snapping that last shot. The fog continued until we were almost to L'Anse.

We stopped in L'Anse to get a giant cinnamon roll to take home for the next day. . .

and I snapped a photo to show you our purpose for traveling to Marquette.

We were taking the golf cart to BSA of Marquette. It needed repair and that's the nearest place we could find that will service an electric golf cart. Steve doesn't use the golf cart for golf; it's for transportation around our property. (Thanks to Marty for the use of his trailer.)

After dropping off the golf cart at BSA, we headed to Menards to do some shopping.

We paid for all our in-store purchases, took those items to the truck, and then went back into the garden department. That's when we got the call that the golf cart was ready. We were delighted, as we hadn't anticipated being able to take it home that afternoon. Since my flower shopping had just begun, Steve left me there to shop while he went back to pick up the golf cart.

After he returned to Menards and lifted the heavy stuff (potting soil & patio blocks) for me, we drove over to Kohl's where I needed to pick up a few items. He stayed in the truck and phoned ahead for the next item on our list.

Steve refused to leave Marquette without a Jet's BLT pizza and some Jet's bread! If you've ever been to this Jet's location (which I'm sure you haven't), you know that the parking lot is a little tight. Since we were in the truck and pulling a trailer, we had to park at the business next door (which was closed by that time).

Here's Steve coming back with the goodies.

Couldn't see him? His head is just above the bushes.

There he is again!

We were soon headed west out of Marquette with a dashboard full of Jet's goodness.

The last stop we needed to make on the way home was in Ishpeming at this cute little building.

We already had that giant cinnamon roll for the next morning, but Steve wanted to get some muffins at Huron Mountain Bakery for Sunday - as long as we were driving by!

We made it home just before dark without hitting a moose - or a horse - or a deer. . .

and thanked the Lord for a safe journey. We were ready for the upcoming Memorial Day. I had lots of plants to transplant. . .

and Steve had his wheels back.

All is well in the Keweenaw.

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