Copper Harbor Lighthouse

Copper Harbor Lighthouse

Monday, December 29, 2014

Looking Back

I spent some time looking back today. 

First, I looked back at some of our local snowfall totals for the season. The total I've been posting on the "Snowfall Chart" page this season was taken from a local source, and I had some doubts about the accuracy. During the final days of November and the early days of December, I suspect an addition mistake was made in his seasonal totals, and his total is more than what actually occurred. I have also been following the official Keweenaw County totals done by the Keweenaw County Road Commission. There were several days in November and December when Steve said he was getting a lot of measurable snow at the new house, but the Road Commission didn't record a total. Thus, I suspect their total isn't entirely accurate either, but it's less than what actually occurred. However, since I've used the Keweenaw County measurements as the guide for my Snowfall Chart for the last 3 years, I decided to go ahead and use their totals again. After all, the big "Snow Thermometer" along Hwy. 41 in Keweenaw County uses their totals, so I revised my "Snowfall Chart" page today to reflect the 92" Keweenaw County total instead.

Secondly, I spent some time looking back at the last 30 years and thinking about how different my life has been than I thought it would be. I married my first husband 30 years ago today. At that point, I presumed a long, happy marriage, two kids and grandkids would be in my future. Little did I know that Tom's life would be taken by a drunk driver 4-1/2 years later and I would spend a large part of my adult life as a widow. There was happiness, but there was also sadness and loneliness. Through it all, however, I always felt God's presence and I knew He was guiding my steps along the way, so I was usually content. Then, right when I wasn't expecting it, the Lord brought this wonderful man into my life.

What a blessing Steve has been, and I can't imagine my life without him in it. He makes all my days so pleasant and joyful, and he makes me laugh. What an incredible gift he is, and I thank the Lord for him every day!

All is well in the Keweenaw.

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  1. You HAVE been blessed!! Miss you and Steve.....cant wait to hear about the move in day!!


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