Copper Harbor Lighthouse

Copper Harbor Lighthouse

Monday, November 17, 2014

Fun with the Relatives

My mom has a sister named Edith, and Edith has a husband named Randy. They live in Bessemer, Michigan (south of us near the Wisconsin border). Aunt Edie called up last month and said they were going to come up to the Keweenaw for a weekend visit. We haven't seen them since my Grandma died 2 years ago, and the only time they had ever been in the Keweenaw was when Steve and I got married 9 years ago. So, we were happy they were coming up.

They arrived on Friday, October 24. My sweet husband took some time off the property and came into town, and we all had a nice dinner with them and my mom at the Michigan House that evening. Steve couldn't really afford to take Saturday off from working on the new house, so we decided I would play tour guide around the Keweenaw on Saturday without him. Then, we would stop by the property to show them what Steve has been doing there for the last 9 years, and we would all go to dinner at The Hut that evening.

Unfortunately, I awoke with a headache on Saturday that increased in intensity as the day progressed. I drove them to many of our scenic spots, but it was clearly turning into a bad migraine by the time we stopped by the new house late that afternoon. I was able to drive back to our Calumet house, but there was no way I could do dinner with them that evening; so Aunt Edie, Randy and my mom went to dinner without us, and I went to bed for 2 days. I heard good reports about their meals at The Hut, however!

Anyway, that Saturday was a very pretty day, but really, really windy. We didn't spend much time outside the vehicle, so I didn't take a lot of photos, but I did get some. We started out on the east side of the Keweenaw. We ventured outside along an especially nice spot along the shore, but the wind was so strong that it made our eyes water. We stopped at Haven Falls next. It was more sheltered from the wind, so I did get some shots of the falls.

We made our way to Copper Harbor next - where I gave them a tour of the town - took them out to the Fort - showed them the beginning of Hwy. 41 (which ends in Miami, FL) - and stopped at the Copper Harbor Lighthouse Overlook. Here's the beach area at the lighthouse overlook.

Aunt Edie picked up some rocks on that beach to take home for her landscaping. I zoomed in on the lighthouse across the harbor and snapped some more photos.

I love how the sky looks in the next one.

Brockway Mountain was next. The top of Brockway Mountain is usually windy, so I wasn't surprised that the wind was really whipping across the parking area that day. More watery eyes! We stopped at the Copper Harbor Overlook on the way back down the mountain, and I zoomed in on the lighthouse from that area. Notice the whitecaps on Lake Superior.

I zoomed back out again for some wider views.

You can see that we had lost most of our fall color by the time these pictures were taken on October 25.

Aunt Edie and Randy were happy to see a freighter out on the big lake.

Here it is again.

After that, we followed Hwy. 26 down along the west side of the peninsula to Eagle Harbor. Instead of continuing on to Eagle River, we turned down the road to our new house and gave them the grand tour of our barn and the house.

Even though the day ended with my migraine, it was still a fun day with family. They tell us they're already looking forward to their next visit. 

All is well in the Keweenaw.

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  1. beuatiful pictures!! The lighthouse one would be great in a frame!!


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