Copper Harbor Lighthouse

Copper Harbor Lighthouse

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Spring Cleaning

Wow, another gorgeous day in the Keweenaw.  We ordered new kitchen countertops this morning.  They should be installed in May, and we'll be done with the kitchen.  I'll then be able to post the before and after photos.  I'll try to start working on a post about my birthday later tonight.

Three more dandelions have now sprung up around the one I photographed yesterday.  It is currently sunny and 51°, so that put Steve in the mood for some spring cleaning.  Here's what he's doing right now:

 He just loves the smell of carnauba!  This side is finished.

Lake Superior whitefish is on the menu for tonight - fresh from Peterson's Fish Market.  All is well in the Keweenaw.


  1. Hey.. I'd post MORE but the stupid words you have to type in to APPROVE IT...duh I'm never figuring them out! AND just in case you didn't know.. your BLOG is HUUUUGEEEEE... it takes up two screens on my computer...I have to scroll left and right.. anything you can do fix that? FACEBOOK.. there's your answer!!! :)

    1. I sent you an email via Bill. Love ya, Lori!

  2. Like "brint vyringe" is even a word! Where do they come up with that stuff!? Okay my next one was lievly oplems... seriosly.. can't wait to hit PUBLISH to see what comes up next! LOL...


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