Copper Harbor Lighthouse

Copper Harbor Lighthouse

Friday, February 3, 2012

Peeping Pup

     Now that we're living in the Keweenaw and doing our best to become "Yooper Wanabees," we feel we should practice the local lingo.  It's a little like learning a new language.  We don't plow snow or shovel snow, we push snow or move snow.  Wait a minute. . . what's that "we" stuff?  Steve pushes snow or moves snow!  Anyway, he said he would move the snow pile outside the kitchen window.  Remember, he had to dig out the BBQ grill in order to use it on Super Bowl Sunday.  It had been buried in the avalanche triggered by the roof rake.  Well, he's a man of his word.  He moved the pile on Wednesday, but not before Cocoa (our Chocolate Lab) figured out how to cope with it. 
     Cocoa is an outdoor dog.  One of the things she enjoyed doing in Saginaw was sitting on the back porch.  She could look in through the screen door when the exterior door was open.  She could also look through the window near the fireplace, since that window was within a short distance from the floor.  From that viewpoint, she would know every time we walked to or from the kitchen.  We would walk by the window and notice her head following us back and forth.  At this house, things weren't quite that convenient, but she quickly figured out a solution.  She could put her paws up on the brick sill outside the kitchen window and pull herself to a standing position.  Then, she could peer in on us through that window above the kitchen sink.  (See photo above.)  She apparently finds us fascinating.  You've heard of "Peeping Toms?"  It has become part of her daily routine to play "Peeping Pup" with us.  When she hears us at the coffee pot in the morning, she's peeping.  When I'm getting dinner ready, she's peeping.  When I'm doing dishes, she's peeping.  Well, that huge pile of snow was right in front of the kitchen window, wasn't it?  I'm sure she wasn't happy about not being able to keep an eye on us after Steve left the pile there overnight.  She put up with it for a day and then decided she would have to conquer the pile!  (See photos below.)  There she was right at eye level.  What a smart dog.  She never fails to make us laugh.
     Anyway, the BBQ grill has been rescued from the avalanche.  The pup is happy.  It's 34°, and the sun is shining.  All's well in the Keweenaw.
     I guess I really should give Cocoa her own page.  I'll put that on the To-Do List. 

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